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Top 2 priorities for Canadian commercial insurers

Canadian Underwriter | 23 July 2019 Silvy Wright, CEO of Northbridge Financial Corporation and Chair of Insurance Bureau of Canada’s Board of Directors, shares what the association’s priorities under her direction will be and speaks about the unique challenges Canadian business insurers will face in the year ahead.

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Flood risk awareness: Dialogue around “re-location” has arrived

Canadian Underwriter | 18 July 2019 CEO of Northbridge Financial Corporation, Silvy Wright, comments on how the P&C insurance industry will continue to support the work of national, provincial, and territorial governments in advancing the cause of climate adaptation.

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How brokers can talk clients out of declining coverages

Canadian Underwriter | 10 July 2019 Chief financial officer of Northbridge Financial Corporation, Craig Pinnock, shares why businesses are putting themselves at risk when declining certain insurance coverages and how brokers can help customers understand why they matter.

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How the economy could spell trouble for insurance

Canadian Underwriter | 9 July 2019 Craig Pinnock, Northbridge Financial Corporation’s Chief Financial Officer, speaks about how the economy and recent free trade agreements could impact the insurance industry. He points out reasons to be optimistic about the economy and the effect that will have on the insurance industry going forward.

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Northbridge Releases Enhanced Cyber Risk Coverage for all Canadian businesses


May 24, 2019 – Enhanced cyber risk insurance bundle offers more comprehensive protection and focused support to businesses of all sizes. 54% of cyber security incidents in Canada prevent employees from carrying out day-to-day work, highlighting the need for commercial cyber insurance.[1] Broad coverage, custom solutions, and complimentary support from leading breach response partner elevates […]


2018 Public Accountability Statement

We believe that, as a company, being successful also means supporting our people, our customers, and our communities. See where and how we gave back in 2018.

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Rise in cargo theft hits transportation, insurance sectors

Truck News | 31 March 2019 Garry Robertson, Manager of the Claims Special Investigations Unit at Northbridge, comments on the recent increase of cargo-related theft. According to the Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC), there were 3,143 reported incidents of cargo theft in Canada last year alone, totaling $229-million in value.

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How to sell commercial coverage to small businesses

Canadian Underwriter | 08 March 2019 Sue Duggan, Director of Small Business Underwriting at Northbridge Insurance, shares advice for brokers looking to sell commercial coverage to small businesses.

Northbridge white paper examines what’s fueling cargo theft in Canada

TORONTO, November 19, 2018 –  Northbridge Insurance has released a special report titled Canadian Cargo Theft Trends: What’s new, what’s now, and what’s on the horizon, describing how advancing technology and new high-value targets are putting carriers at risk from coast to coast. Since the voluntary system for reporting cargo theft was launched collaboratively by […]

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Canadian Broker Network announces the 2018 Underwriter Awards

Canadian Broker Network | 05 October 2018 Northbridge Insurance’s own Kathryn Stimers was recognized by the Canadian Broker Network (CBN), Canada’s leading network of independent insurance brokers, at the 2018 Underwriter Awards.