Jean-Francois Béliveau

Jean-François Béliveau

Executive Vice President, Quebec Region
Northbridge Insurance

“Collaborating with our broker partners and clients so that we can all succeed together is what truly motivates our team’s decisions and actions.”

Jean-François Béliveau is a well-respected insurance executive who has a deep understanding of the Quebec market. He has been our Executive Vice President at Northbridge Insurance for Quebec Region since October 2011 and brings with him an extensive background in commercial insurance.

Jean-François joined Northbridge Insurance from AXA Insurance, where he led the commercial lines division. Here at Northbridge, he takes a proactive approach when it comes to developing growth strategies for our business in Quebec, and plays a leading role in building strong relationships with our key broker partners.

Jean-François Béliveau has the title of Fellow Chartered Insurance Professional (FCIP) and an MBA from Sherbrooke University.